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Category: Mac OS

Steel Division: Normandy 44 is designed for the PCs of the RTS war, allowing you to play the great battles of World War II. The game emphasizes realism and tactical depth. The maps are huge in size and reproduce on a 1: 1 scale real locations in Normandy from those days. Each unit is consistent […]

A first-person thriller combining elements of FPS shooting and exploration aspects of the adventure game. During the game we are constantly accompanied by a disturbing atmosphere of horror. The game itself is based on exploration of subsequent locations, created using photogrammetry (real-life scanning) technology, and on occasional combat sequences where we use modern combat equipment […]

Elex is a RPG embedded in a large, fictional apocalypsis world in which advanced technology is mixed with magical elements. The developers of the Piranha Bytes studio, responsible for the Gothic series, are responsible for the project. Elex version available to download in version for Windows 7/8 and Mac. Elex Free Download, about game Over […]

911 Operator Mac Download, In 911 OPERATOR, you take on the role of an emergency dispatcher, who has to rapidly deal with the incoming reports. Your task is not just to pick up the calls, but also to react appropriately to the situation – sometimes giving first aid instructions is enough, at other times a […]

CAYNE Mac Download, Standalone add-on to the Stasis adventure from 2015. In the production we follow the fate of a pregnant woman named Hadle who wakes up one day in a dark medical institution where she has to fight for her life and her future. CAYNE Mac Free Download, play for free! The title tells […]

Detention Mac Download, Greenwood high school, located in a remote mountainous area, two students found themselves trapped and vulnerable. The place they once knew has changed in unsettling ways, haunted by evil creatures. To escape, they must explore the mysterious campus filled with ominous objects and puzzles. How will they survive in this ever threatening […]

7 Mages Mac Download, is available on PCs RPG scenario modeled after the film Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven. It tells about a group of seven magicians hired to kill the bandits terrorizing a certain island. The game is modeled on the old dungeon crawlerach offering step system of movement and turn-based battles. 7 […]

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