Anno 2205 download, Another scene recognized series of games strategic and economic studio Blue Byte Software. Action production takes us into the distant future, in which our task is to build a powerful, futuristic metropolis.

Anno 2205 download

Anno 2205 download, play for free!

The action production takes place in the distant future, and therefore we have to deal with futuristic buildings and technological solutions. Players take on the manager of the emerging metropolis that has to be created from scratch and lead to flowering, would later go on space. It is very important element of the game the whole time trying to obtain the necessary raw materials, and that the Earth does not have unlimited natural resources, which also has been heavily exploited by the people, it simply has no other choice – you have to conquer space.

In connection with this action Anno 2205 takes place first on the surface of the Earth, and later on the moon, where we assume a human colony. Anno 2205 download, new residents lunar work for us during the extraction of raw materials, which are then transported and processed on the planet. Obtained in this way means to devote further development of earthly metropolis and lunar colony.
Anno 2205 (2015) Gold Edition v1.3.2442.47119 Repack by FitGirl:

Size: 9.38 GB
Compression: rar


Gold version includes artbook and soundtrack (you can install the optional).
It also includes DLC for preorder: Exclusive Command Ship and Catamaran Corporation Exclusive Emblem.
In a separate folder you are also Uplay Club Reward Unlocker unlocks additional rewards:
* 2 Exclusive Emblems
* Command Ship’s Exclusive Skins
* Imperial Headquarter

In the game archive you will always find information about installation of the game.
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