7 Mages Mac Download, is available on PCs RPG scenario modeled after the film Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven. It tells about a group of seven magicians hired to kill the bandits terrorizing a certain island. The game is modeled on the old dungeon crawlerach offering step system of movement and turn-based battles.

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As the title suggests, the story game inspired by the film The Seven Samurai and its American remake’m as  great. The action takes place in a land located in the classic fantasy island Roven. According to legend, this is the place where the gods are sleeping in hiding, still resting after the toil of creation. Everything on the island is filled with magic, which brought her ruthless bandits who have long been terrorizing the residents of local villages, robbing them, setting fire to houses, and sometimes committing murders. Desperate victims gather all their savings and use them to hire a group of seven absolute magicians that you killed all the bandits.

The game has an extensive contents. Crossing campaign takes dozens of hours, during which we can explore the fourteen types of locations and deal with more than thirty types of opponents. Added to this is the magic system, under which there are 60 spells.
7 Mages Mac Free Download:

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1. Unpack.
2. Mount image or burn to disc.
3. Install.
4. Play.

In the game archive you will always find information about installation of the game.
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